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Floral Girls Dresses. Send Flowers Free Delivery. Spring Wedding Flower Ideas.

Floral Girls Dresses

floral girls dresses

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Pink Label - Black & Yellow Floral Dress

Pink Label - Black & Yellow Floral Dress

I first found Talena's work at Design By Talena, and was thoroughly impressed - this new dress under her new brand, Pink Label, has done nothing to diminish my respect for her work. The skirt is light and effective, the shoes are her work too - and the whole outfit is so inexpensive I'm embarassed to tell you here... get along to Pink Label, it's well worth a look.

Skin: Tuli Zoe
Shape: Sophistishapes Fallon
Hair: Amacci Alli
Necklace: Mandala
Bangles by Misha

sweet dress

sweet dress

I used the Sweet Dress pattern from Leila and Ben (available on etsy) to make this, the bottom layers inspired by Jess (Craftiness is not optional) . We layered it with a long sleeve because it's in teh 30's around here, but I left it long so this summer it will be perfect as is!

floral girls dresses

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