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How To Make A Cookie Bouquet - Flower Soft Toppers

How To Make A Cookie Bouquet

how to make a cookie bouquet

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how to make a cookie bouquet - Cookie Bouquet

Cookie Bouquet filled with decorated cookies in a Medicine - Get Well Soon box

Cookie Bouquet filled with decorated cookies in a Medicine - Get Well Soon box

Delicious and Fun Gift! This Colorful Cookie Bouquet filled with decorated RX and balloons cookies in a Medicine - Get Well Soon box makes an excellent gift and is filled with 7 delicious decorated cookies. We may substitute comparable cookies if necessary. Cookie bouquet measures approximately 15 in wide by 6 in deep by 17 in tall. Weight and Sizes: The average size of each cookie is between 3.2 in w x 3.4 in h minimum, and 5 in w x 5 in h maximum, with a thickness of 0.3 in. Each cookie has a net weight around 2 oz. Ingredients: The cookies are made with natural ingredients and include wheat flour, honey, margarine, sugar, eggs, dry egg white, vanilla flavor, baking powder, US-FDA certified food colors.

88% (12)

52.51... Our Lady of the Pie Plates

52.51... Our Lady of the Pie Plates

When I was in grad school my friend Alan Sugar, who is a poet as well as a puppeteer, wrote a poem called "Our Lady of the Pie Plates"... or maybe it was "Madonna of the Pie Plates". It came to me handwritten as a gift with a framed copy of the photograph that had inspired it... a lovely and genteel "scarecrow" made from a delicate lace tablecloth and a straw hat. She held a bouquet of orange daylilies in one hand, and dangling from both extended arms were aluminum pie plates, assumedly to ward off any birds or other creatures with a mind to raid the garden she watched o'er.

If I recall correctly he'd written the poem as a birthday present, and I remember thinking that he was one of the few people at the time who really understood how much "pie plates & such" are at the core of my being.

I know the saying is "you are what you eat" but I've always thought in my case it's more "you are what you cook". Matt observed recently that whenever I walk into his house I head straight for the kitchen. I was about to protest, but quickly realized he's right. When I arrive there for the weekend, or in the middle of the week, I'm invariably carrying a bag full of groceries, or containers of soup, or something else that needs to be put away in the fridge or the pantry. And fairly often I've also stashed in my satchel some necessary utensil or ingredient; a rolling pin, a whisk, some smoked salt, a citrus zester, once my extra hand-held blender. I cook more and more at his house, so ever-so-slowly my arsenal of kitchen gadgets has been migrating from Somerville to Watertown. Not to worry that my kitchen at home is depleted... I have enough "implements de cuisine" to keep several cooks busy. If I ever decide to open a restaurant I'm all set.

As older family members- or the family of friends- die I'm usually the one who ends up claiming items from their kitchens. That's how I've gotten some of my best rolling pins (I have eight of them), potato mashers and ricers, strainers, piecrust crimpers, and wooden spoons. It's also how I come to have the original colored pyrex nesting mixing bowls, a clamp-on-the-table meat grinder (essential for making cranberry relish), and my heavy candy-apple red juice-o-matic.... all things that others are spending a fortune for reproductions of at emporiums like William Sonoma and Sur La Table. I believe I'm the only one in my circle of friends with nine cookie sheets. It's true I don't have a fancy Cuisinart or KitchenAide Mixer- though Matt got me a shiny new food processor for Christmas!!!- but I have my grandmother's Ipana hand mixer, my great grandmother's battered tin turkey roaster, a slew of butter molds, and the biggest buncha antique cookie cutters you've ever seen in the home of someone who uses them rather than collects 'em..

That's not to say I've never bought a gadget myself. When I saw a "soup tasting spoon" like my friend Alice's-there's a channel in the handle where you rock some soup back and forth until it's cool enough to test it for seasoning- I bought it quick. And I'm a sucker for small canape knives so I finally got myself a set. But more often than not they're gifts from friends who know me well. Last year my cooking buddy Dave got me a set of oblong tart pans that he knew I was lusting after, and for Christmas this year my housemate John brought tears to my eyes when he presented me with a beautiful and expensive wooden-handled long bent-metal spatula to replace my grandmother's which I'd been using for 30 years, and which had succumbed to metal fatigue. I'd been in mourning for months without it. The new one looks to be a perfect replacement.

I suppose most folks think it's silly, but that Mexican Hot Chocolate Stir is an old friend of mine. I have a hard time making mashed potatoes with anything but the half-moon masher I used when my grandfather taught me to mash 'em. And I'm still trying to figure out whose house I left that stainless steel slotted spoon at because nothing else feels right in my hand when I make three bean salad. You get the idea.

Oh, and even after years of leaving them half full at other people's houses, I still have 12 tins for making pies each fall. "Our Lady of the Pie Plates" indeed.

Highest I know of on Explore!... #59 on 1.8.08

Meet the Carebears 011

Meet the Carebears 011

My Granddaughter unfortunately got cheated out of cookies for her Birthday this year as her birthday falls on Memorial Day and Grandma was busy filling Teacher Bouquet orders so I promised I would make them within the next Month or two. I had recently bought a CareBear coloring book and she saw it and told me that was the kind of cookies she wanted. Although she is eleven I don't care what age you are everyone young and old loves the CareBears. I commend the artist that came up with the concept of these lovable bears. My Children loved them and now my grandchildren are experiencing the joy of these cute little characters. They are not only cute they teach children about all the different feelings and how they want to be treated and how to treat others. This is what I came up with. Thanks for looking!!!!

how to make a cookie bouquet

how to make a cookie bouquet

Sweet Baby GIRL Diaper Cake Gift Tower with Teddy Bear

Say "Congratulations" and "Welcome To The World!" with this fun, unique, AND USEFUL! gift of baby diapers beautifully shaped like a three layer cake. What makes our diapers cake unique? The center of your cake is a set of 3 keepsake baby boxes that make great d?cor for baby's room and are filled with all kinds of fun surprises for Mom to discover! Open each box to reveal a soft baby blanket, embroidered baby bib, baby booties, a set of 100% cotton baby washcloths and a "Baby Sleeping" door hanger. The cake topper is an adorable plush teddy bear surrounded by pretty silk flowers. How cute and thoughtful is that? Your gift will be the "Wow!" at the baby shower and makes a great centerpiece for the party as well. Each diaper cake is carefully crafted with attention to detail, adorned with silk flowers and ribbons, tied with a bow and includes a personalized gift message from you to convey your heartfelt best wishes. Manufactured by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets.

Product Notes: Completed gift size: 21" tall x 9.5" wide

When will my gift ship? When will my gift be delivered? Please review the shipping rates and policies link provided below for IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding the shipping and delivery of your gift purchase.

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